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To The Hills!

Exhibition of original paintings by

Lindsey Tyson.

 5 June to 14 August 2021

Based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire Lindsey Tyson is renowned worldwide for her sophisticated handmade felt. Recently however, her focus has returned to painting. During the recent ‘lockdowns’ Lindsey’s extraordinary burst of creativity resulted in a series of landscape inspired paintings, which we are thrilled to be showing.

Often, Lindsey begins with an idea although not necessarily with an end vision, but rather enjoys letting the painting evolve, regularly painting over ‘almost’ finished paintings several times, before ending up with something entirely different. It may start as a landscape and end up as something totally abstract, and vice versa. Countless layers are buried beneath the surface, some long forgotten, but still affecting the whole – even peeking through on occasion, tantalising reminders of what once was.

Working intuitively mainly in chromatic neutrals, flitting between abstract compositions of pattern and form and the ephemeral essence of nature, Lindsey is inspired by mood, atmosphere and transition – whether between light and dark, land and sea, colour or texture.

Framed paintings range from £95 – £750

Mounted paintings range from £75 – £235

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