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Lindsey Tyson Original Painting

To The Coast 2

Lindsey Tyson


Landscapes of the Imagination by Lindsey Tyson.

Working mainly in chromatic neutrals, flitting between abstract compositions of patterns and form and the ephemeral essence of nature. Lindsey is inspired by mood, atmosphere and transition – whether between light and dark, land and sea or colour and texture.

Lindsey often begins with an idea, an inspiration without and end vision. Working intuitively, allowing the artwork to evolve, regularly painting over ‘almost’ finished paintings several times, before ending up with something entirely different. Countless layers are buried beneath the surface, some long forgotten but still affecting the whole – even peaking through on occasion, tantalising reminders of what once was.

Framed Paintings range from £95 – £750

Mounted paintings range from £75 – £235

Small Painting size 17cm x 12cm,  framed size 30cm x 21cm

Large Painting size 20cm x 25cm, framed size 40cm x 50cm

X Large painting  size 57cm x 57cm, framed size 80cm x 80cm

Please call us for further details or to place an order on 01244 348379, or email via Make Enquiry.

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